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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Lobster Boil

OK, I gotta say, and i’m not just saying this because it was our party, but this 4th of July was by far the BEST i’ve ever had!!!!

I lived in SF for over 13 years and never saw the fireworks.  2 nights ago in Boston we were ON TOP of the fireworks!! Have you ever been so close

that you have ash falling on you?  So it all started when I found out that James Hook Lobster is open on the 4th.

After ordering 20 yummy steamed lobsters from them, (yes that’s right they cook them for you.  No seafood smell inside my apartment!!

I jumped onto my go to website, Etsy.  Must have photo props of lobster masks, check.

Cute muslin bags to hold bibs, napkins, crackers and of course lobster lollypops, check.

The red and white striped and lobster place mats from Carrot and Stick, check.  Incredible fireworks, thanks to the city of Boston, CHECK!

Yes, my dream had come true, we were going to have a lobster boil on the 4th in our back garden and then watch the fireworks from the roof.

The barge was parked RIGHT in front of our building.  I mean it doesn’t get any better!  The party of the year right outside our home and we didn’t have to leave our place!!!

Surrounded by my fabulous family and great friends we took full advantage of the beautiful evening!!!

My daughter can’t wait until the 4th next year as every morning she has woken up since the 4th she asks, “where are the fireworks?”






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Welcome to My First Blog Post!!!

Yes, I know it’s 2011 and I finally have a blog. Better late than never, right?

There is something that you should know about my blog postings… My sister, who is a reading specialist, my father who taught me how to diagram a sentence before first grade, the copywriters i worked with in advertising, my mother-in-law and all her sisters who are teachers will cringe but the wording on my blog will flow like my brain. There will be a LOT of run on sentences, or just words, (many of them misspelled), It’s my stream of consciousness, my camera is my real voice.

So who or what should I post for my first posting? Who else but the love of my life, the girl I’m with almost all the time, the girl that gives the best kisses and hugs (with pats on the back). The one who makes me laugh out loud and scream with delight (and at times, frustration) You melt me, little boo

On Mother’s Day in Boston there is a “Make Way for Ducklings” parade. The kids walk the route of the ducklings from the story by Robert McCloskey. Needless to say this is NOT the time to do a photoshoot of your daugther, as there are hundreds of kids and parents running around all stressed out. So, as soon as the sun popped out this past week, we headed out to the Public Garden and Ayla once again strutted her inner duck.

This fun duck tutu outfit was made by Jill, the ever so talented owner of Tutu Twirls.

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